Goldfish Pinball Blast

Goldfish Pinball Blast review

Full Tilt Pinball Fun!
Brooke has really outdone herself this time. With a little inspiration from Xtreme, and plenty of help from the rest of her friends, she’s built a crazy pinball maze that you’ll just have to play to believe. Use the flippers to whack the ball up ramps, through tunnels and into the bumpers. Discover new areas by breaking down barricades or uncovering secret entrances. Find power-ups to help you as you encounter new levels and challenges.
Ready? Pull back the plunger, let go and have a blast!
*Create your own custom levels
*Master 30 challenging levels
*Complete tasks to find hidden passages
*Discover different power-ups
*Replay levels to get a three-star rating
*Earn bonus coins every day

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Goldfish Pinball Blast Goldfish Pinball Blast
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