Trivzia: Live Trivia Game Show

Trivzia: Live Trivia Game Show

Trivzia: Live Trivia Game Show review

Trivzia is redefining mobile experience and piercing the monotony of social feeds through Pakistan’s first live mobile game show App in which people can win real cash prizes daily.
The app offers a couple things most phone games don’t: real money for a prize and a live game-show host, making it feel like a live TV show.
It's an epic multiplayer quiz game show app and people can play live contestants. The acclaimed hosts of the show ask interesting questions and people may win real money for right answers. It's that simple and exciting.
Winning real money for a prize is very easy and requires following steps to be fulfilled:
- Download Trivzia Application through the Apple Store.
- Open the Trivzia Application to sign up for a Trivzia Account.
- Enter your valid phone number and verify with a code we sent to you through SMS.
- Or login to your existing Account, if you already have a Trivzia Account.
- We will send you a notification when the live game show begins.
- Click “Join the game” and then you will automatically join other players while Trivzia is live.
- You have to answer each question within 10 seconds. The right answer will move you to the next round but wrong answer will make u eliminated for the remaining game, however, you can still watch whole game till end.
- Please play at least one Trivzia live game show Contest to completion.
For further information, please log into

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